Eden Rain – Out in the Cold


Overthinking is something that plagues us as human beings. We spend hours of our days overthinking a multitude of situations, thinking about how the way someone we know looked at us or how they cancelled plans means we did something wrong that we cannot recall so we analyse any possible thing that could’ve happened, then of course we realise it’s just because they couldn’t make it. This way of thinking plagues the minds of millions of people across the globe and, in the case of the Leeds musician Eden Rain, it’s like what I just described but on steroid, but it did help her come up with a rather poignant and beautiful song.

Out in the Cold is the follow up to her debut single that saw us ear mark her as an artist to keep an eye on and, as expected, she doesn’t disappoint. The spellbinding track highlights the vulnerability in her voice with the minimal production allowing an intimate soundscape to be formed, making it feel like she’s sitting down on a train uttering every thought that comes into her mind to you. She takes you on a journey that’ll have you laughing, crying and utterly infatuated with her music.

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