5an – Festival


With an expressive and chaotic soundscape that can only come from the rapidly rising genre hyper-pop and a dynamic flow that hip hop stars of the modern era would be jealous of, the Florida based emcee 5an doesn’t make waves, she makes tsunamis in her local scene. Her ferociously loyal underground fanbase have supported her like she was a quarter back in the NFL with her character filled soundscape having a gravitational pull that grabs a hold of your and refuses to let go. She always brings the heat and today is no different with the release of her EP Villains that pushes her sound up to a whole new level.

Whilst the EP has a plethora of tracks that will grab your attention and make you feel like you’re witnessing the birth of something great, it’s the song Festival that hooked me from start to finish. A cacophony of electronics come together in an eruption of seismic quality as the hard-hitting beats send shockwaves through your body like a meteor strike before her rambunctious vocals add an undeniable amount of flair that is the cherry on top of this marvellous affair. With the track being called Festival it can only be a matter of time before 5an is headlining them.

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