DWLLRS – Fiction

Having just been shared recently on Justin Bieber’s instagram page, the California based duo DWLLRS look like they’ve finally received their well deserved big break. They’ve been killing it for the past year now with them releasing a string of addictive alt pop singles like It’s Only Up From Here that’ll have you looking hopefully towards the future with their optimistic narrative and You that’ll make you teary eyed like the latest Pixar movie. On top of that they’ve been booming on Tik Tok with their covers showing off their incredible versatility and ability to transform any track to fit their distinct sonic identity. Don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to hear them yet though, because their latest single Fiction is the perfect introduction.

Stranger than fiction, better than art, this single has high amounts of replay value with it going from a spaced out ambient opening that blissfully takes you away to a lusciously textured chorus that brings out the raw passion of their vocals, making those lovelorn lyrics hit like a semi-truck. The idyllic number shows off everything that makes this duo brilliant, the gorgeous toned vocals, shimmering production style, melodrama filled lyricisms and an intimate connection that’s seen them build such a fiercely loyal fanbase. DWLLRS are ready to blow up so hop onto them now before the rest of the world catches on.

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