Fijitrip – Private Social Network


If you listened to Fijitrip’s debut EP back in 2020 then you’ll know how this man was creating some of the best hyper pop around before the popularity of the genre hit the peaks that it is at now. His unorthodox kaleidoscopic soundscape left me enamoured with the experimental glitch filled effervescent synths clashing against his lovelorn understated vocals to create explosive sonic moments that leave a devastating impact where everyone in its war path will be gobsmacked by what they just heard. The Norwegian artist proved himself to be one of the most exciting new talents around and with the hyper pop genre only gaining more momentum we can only see his career going one way and that is up.

Private Social Network is a frenzied affair with a paroxysm of pent up emotion being unleashed in one glorious eruption of cinematic quality with it all feeling so irregular yet so natural at the same time. Best described as 100 Gecs nonconformist attitude meets The 1975’s soft agile electronic exploration, Fijitrip manages to create a bizarre and eccentric number that captures everything about his unique sonic identity that people have fallen for and raises it to the max to give us an off the wall number you can’t get enough of. If ever there was a truer definition of the word Divergent, it would be Fijitrip’s captivating music.

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