Terry Presume – Did Me Wrong


The rapidly rising Florida rapper Terry Presume has never been one to follow the crowd. He’s always blazed his own trail in everything he does with him stitching together a plethora of genres to form his own sonic identity that is like a patch quilt blanket, taking a myriad of different fabric and patterns to form something utterly unique, unorthodox and defying of usual genre conventions. He’s essentially a chameleon being able to adapt to his surroundings to create the most cohesive soundscape for the story he wants to tell, resulting in every release being more and more exciting than the last. He’s unlike anyone else in the industry right now, you’ve got to love it.

His latest drop Did Me Wrong is an intimate number with the production comprising of somber hip hop inspired beats with a country style guitar riff over the top as his dulcet vocal switches from melodic crooning to emotive rapping at the flip of a coin as the lyrics pull the curtain back on his mind to reveal his own fears and personal issues. The whole piece is simply immaculate with his poetically inclined brand of storytelling transfixing you from start to finish like an award winning drama before his natural ability to connect with people leaves you in awe. Some artists create their own musical world, Terry Presume creates his own musical universe.

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