Seint Monet – So Dramatic

Capturing the overpowering and overwhelming emotion that comes with love, the New Jersey native Seint Monet reflects on how over the top we can all become when infatuation blinds us to the reality surrounding us during our teen years. The gossamer production of So Dramatic oozes that sweet puppy dog feeling that comes with the early stages of love with the butterflies fluttering around your stomach when they say something as simple as hey to you or how your palms sweat whenever they get close to you. She openly confesses how she, “doesn’t mean to be over dramatic,” but the now 22 year old can’t envision them not being together in this lifetime, resulting in her slightly erratic and obsessive behaviour that she only can reflect upon now that she’s older.

Her 90’s inspired sound lends itself well to the concept of the track with it being reminiscent of some of the Spice Girls more slower numbers that still to this day feature on countless Valentines Day playlists. This is a nostalgic ride through our own obsessive moments during our youth where we thought we’d spend the rest of our lives with someone, only for us to lose contact once we left our home towns. This is just scintillatingly good pop music at its finest.

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