Keni – Proximity


With a mesmerisingly beautiful breathy vocal performance delivering her visceral yet also uncompromisingly personable lyricisms in such a dream-like fashion, the 19 year old musician Keni has proven time and time again that her enticing brand of dramatic dreamy alternative pop is something everyone needs to hear. Based in L.A the artist often found inspiration for her music from movies or tv shows with her previous release Sid and Nancy taking cues from the biographical film about Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, a couple who’s turbulent relationship has had essays written about it. Now she ventures into TV with the visuals for Proximity giving off heavy early 2000’s MTV glory days vibes with nods to Britney Spears and Jojo along the way.

This is a love song but not in the traditional sense, it takes a slightly more darker tone that compliments the hushed tone of her vocal, making the lyrics all the more enticing as she utters razor sharp phrases like, “close proximity, I wanna leave between your teeth.” She captures the yearning feeling of love in a fresh and exciting way that has this raw honesty to it that exudes a vulnerable yet confident energy that elevates the stirring story she crafts to jubilantly playful heights. Her heart-on-sleeve songwriting makes her one of the fascinating new artists in the alternative pop sphere. The track might be called Proximity but the reality is that no one in the pop world is anywhere close to what Keni is doing right now.

Speaking about the track Keni explains, “Proximity: noun; nearness or closeness in space. i love this word so much. I wrote this song about being infatuated with someone who literally isn’t aware of your existence. The feelings i was having writing it started to feel very high school to me so there’s a lot of references directly related to experiences i had at that time; specifically with boys who didn’t know my name (heehee). The verses describe chance encounters with the boys of my dreams in the hallways of my high school. the chorus is more of a call to let me in. i was trying to communicate that desperate yet exciting feeling of wanting to get inside someone’s head but seemingly having no chance of doing so. i remember just wanting to be as close as i could to this person i didn’t know anything about. i think there is also definitely a fantasy aspect to the song which seems to be a theme with me lol. The video directed by my right hand girl boss Aerin Moreno takes place in a high school and encompasses all of those hopeless, awkward and honestly sickening crushes that made the day worth it. my best friends and i choreographed an entire dance to this song which also represents the playfulness of the lyrics. you can see us in the videooooo ! ‘Proximity’ is one of the most lighthearted and fun songs i’ve ever written. I can’t promise next time, but this time you can dance…..”

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