Breazy Daze – Playboy

Despite his homeland having a rather consistently cold climate, the Icelandic singer-songwriter Breazy Daze blends a variety of genres together to form his laidback idyllic sound that makes the stresses of modern living melt away from our bodies and leave us feeling blissfully serene. I mean his name is essentially ‘breezy days’ so this really shouldn’t surprise anyone. His calming melodic soundscape is the type of stuff you’d play in the middle of summer when you’re at the beach with some friends and just need something to let to the good times flow where you can all just switch off and have fun for a while.

His lighthearted single Playboy has a wonderful charm to it that will effortlessly put a smile on your face as the balmy melodies take a hold of you. On the surface it’s a fun-loving number that is reminiscent of Rex Orange County but there are some thoughtful undertones shown through his insightful lyrics that focus on the positive of letting things go. It’s a sweet ode that makes you realise how the journey is so much more important than the destination and he will help you continue that trek into the unknown with his single.

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