Bantug – Every Sunday

After opening for artists like Soccer Mommy, VERITÉ and Halfnoise, the Asian queer musician Bantug built a strong and loyal fanbase who became enamoured by her whimsical performance style that saw her throw caution to the wind and live in the moment for a truly carefree sonic experience. Her hyper relatable lyrics connected with fans instantly as they quickly fell head over heels for her compelling lyrical storytelling that was brought to life by her flamboyantly uplifting experimental pop soundscape. She’s sonically reminiscent of Rina Sawayama during her early years, think Cherry but with a bit of Carly Rae Jepsen thrown in there to give off a jubilant yet intimate aura.

Every Sunday, her latest drop, is another buoyantly joyous single that harbours a slightly darker toned underneath the effervescent electronics, jaunty vocals and overall vibrant soundscape. Touching on how we can unconsciously run from trauma until it creeps up on us in ways that point us to heal. Focusing on this existential dread adds an emotive edge to the piece that makes it something you can dance to like no one is watching and find solace within when trauma rears its head. Bantug radiates star quality and there’s no denying she’s got that special something that makes her music breathtaking.

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