JDM Global – Cake

With a dream of connecting people across the globe with his music and an artist name that sounds like a company they would all unite under, the producer Josh Mehling takes his first steps as a solo artist with an addictive woozy debut under the pseudonym JDM Global. Despite this being his solo debut he’s certainly not a newcomer with him already being apart of the super group Shelly, which features the Claud, Clairo and Noa Frances Getzug, as well as producing a tonne of tracks for Claud and countless other artists too. With all this it was only a matter of time before he graced the world with his impeccable solo material and his debut is an utterly mesmerising affair.

With a woozy soundscape of classic indie guitar riffs, a whimsical melodic sensibility and an airy nostalgic tone Cake is something that wouldn’t be amiss in an A24 coming of age movie soundtrack. I can just envision this blasting out on a car stereo with a group of your close friends with the windows down in the middle of summer belting out every single word as if you were live on stage at Glastonbury. There’s also a wonderful metaphor to the piece with the lyrics focusing on two people liking each other but both being unsure who’s going to make the first move, the same thing happens with cake at a party.

It’s a fun playful debut that’s showcasing everything that makes JDM Global so utterly fascinating and downright charming. Easily one of the best debuts of 2021 so far.

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