daine – boys wanna txt ft. ericdoa


Within the space of a year the Filipino-Australian artist daine has managed to put herself at the forefront of the modern pop landscape with her confidently emotionally driven brand of experimental pop having an undeniable spark to it that is as bright as a solar flare. Whilst other artists give subtle nods to the past with their music daine remains forward facing, she looks to the future of music and consistently tears up her own rulebook so her sonic identity reaches new territories that no one else has ventured into before. Previous releases have shown off a more brooding tone to her sound but today she’s experimenting with the zest filled and rising genre hyper pop with ericdoa in boys wanna txt.

With a cacophony of computerised beats leading the production, this track takes daine’s traditional formula of emotive pop and cranks it up to warp speed with a flurry of expressive electronics propelling the piece forward. There’s also this unique aura to the piece with the madness of the production juxtaposing the serene vocals of daine that makes the sonic palette utterly delectable and further compliments the narrative the nostalgia driven lovelorn lyricisms portray. Combine all of this with a dynamic feature from ericdoa that brings unrivalled levels of charisma to the soundscape and you’ve got another stellar piece of music that further cements daine as one of the most promising young talents in Australia today.

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