The China Blue – Nervous


Break up tracks are renowned for having heartbreaking lyrics that come at you with the full force of a freight train with the raw storytelling they offer that will have you reflecting your own situations onto them. We use these tracks as a way to heal, they offer us a cathartic release to help us overcome the emotional trauma we’ve felt from them with the lyrics being where we find solace as the vocals allow us to know that brighter days are not too far away. The China Blue has proven he is a master at this with his latest single Nervous featuring some of the most beautifully poignant yet emotionally devastating lyrics I’ve seen from a break up track in a long time.

Centring around the exact moment his girlfriend realised just by looking at him that it was over he croons, “She said how could you desert this / I hope you find your purpose / But after four years I don’t deserve this at all,” that tells you all you need to know about how much of an emotional heavy weight this single is. The 80’s synth production remains fairly buoyant but harbours an underlying somber tone that puts emphasis on the narrative he has created with his electronically warped vocals making the emotional distress feel all the more real. Angst filled heartbreak never sounded so good.

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