joe rico – Stoked

With a happy-go-lucky vibe being channelled through his carefree melodies and buoyant production, the California based musician joe rico goes through the typical mundane daily routine but looks at it all through an optimistic lens as he reminds us all that the best things in life are free. Being reminiscent of Oliver Tree mixed with a bit of Dominic Fike, which is quite amusing since he plays online chess with his younger brother Alex Fike, his laidback alt rock sound has a fascinating aura surrounding it that draws you into his lushly produced soundscape, courtesy of Imad Royal, that is utterly marvellous.

Stoked has the insatiable laidback groove that gets your head bopping in a matter of seconds as his uniquely toned vocals filled with charisma slickly trips the light fantastic across this breezy soundscape. He has such a fresh perspective with his music that feels effortless with his brand of hip hop infused alternative music having this genuine appeal that enthrals you from start to finish. This debut is something special and has me on tenterhooks waiting to see what this exciting new artist can do next.

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