Florrie – Walk Away

If you’ve ever been into the UK’s music scene then you’ll know about Florrie, the Brighton based artist who got her start in music through drumming where she played live and on record with iconic artists like Girls Aloud, Kylie Minogue and The Pet Shop Boys. It wasn’t long however before she became UK indie pop royalty back in the early 2010’s as she released a string of upbeat, jubilant and simply addictive tracks that I can still recall the hooks of to this day. Her organic brand of indie pop is all built around rhythm, whenever a new song of hers comes out you know your foot is going to be tapping and head bopping along to the beat in no time and today is no exception.

Walk Away is a bop, there’s no other way of describing it, and already has the aura of a modern day pop anthem that would be topping the charts globally. Opening with a beatbox solo from Florrie before diving into a flurry of vibrant electronic melodies that carry an 80’s vibe along with them as her angelically toned vocals remain anthemic yet simultaneously earnest. The lyrics depict her walking away from someone she still holds close but knowing she needs to move on with her life, even though its difficult for her to do so. It’s classic pop with a strong message behind it that I’ll be belting out whenever I hear it play.

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