SEB – Coney Island


Ever since his debut Boys Don’t Cry we’ve been enamoured by SEB’s honest brand of bedroom pop with the L.A artist carrying himself like a true icon in the making, which is even more impressive considering he writes, produces, performs and engineers everything he releases. He’s the truest representation of a DIY artist and he’s continually shined with every track he’s released, never faltering he takes his stride like a prime Usain Bolt to be miles ahead of the game. Channelling the raw passion that came with Kurt Cobain and the genre bending styles of Tyler The Creator, SEB continues his ascent to the top today with Coney Island.

Whilst the production makes you believe this is a summer bop with buoyantly optimistic melodies colliding with a coruscating bassline, the lyrics see SEB pull back the curtain on some of his darkest truths as he shows us his own mental health struggles and all the pain that comes along with it. We go through the periods of depression with him as the desolate sorrow becomes apparent with the lyrics reading like a therapy session as he questions his own identity, “I’ve been trapped inside my past so long, I don’t even know where I belong.” He’s a pop artist who’s honest portrayal of his own mental health is something to behold.

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