Hong Kong Boyfriend – Sharlene


Ever since his debut Cold Waters back in the summer of 2020 the Asian American artist Hong Kong Boyfriend keeps showing us how he is the next R&B heartthrob in the making. Every word he utters has the natural ability to make anyone within a five mile radius swoon on command, genuinely his lusciously toned vocal is velvety smooth and melts over the honey drizzled production to create a divinely layered soundscape. It’s like a polymerisation of the poetic lyrical sensibility of Frank Ocean meeting the mesmerising production of Solange and when you combine that with him mixing his classical violin training into his music then you’ve got something that will keep you coming back to him over and over again.

Today he continues his hot streak with a sentimental song dedicated to ones he cares for most as he confesses how much he loves them all, singing the things he may never get to say. Sharlene is as sweet as it is jubilant, the wholesome affair is something you can send to someone and nothing needs to be said, you both know how much you care about one another with the track being blissful reflection of that. Without a doubt, Hong Kong Boyfriend is one of the most exciting young talents around.

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