Peli Gene – Hello There


If you’re looking for a track that’s going to soundtrack your next road trip with you and your friends as you drive off into the unknown together then look no further as Peli Gene has you covered. The deafening sound of driving with the windows down as you go off into the sunset, the wind blowing through your hair as the sun beats down upon your arm, the radio blasting out classic tunes that you belt along to like you’re a rock star and the unmistakable feeling of freedom, all of that and more is captured within Peli Gene’s sensational debut Hello There.

It feels like something you’d expect to see in a montage sequence in a coming of age movie with the artist striking the perfect balance of high spirited guitar melodies with a more melancholy yearning for what could soon be through the somber drums. You’ve even got a guitar solo that allows you to let yourself truly loose for a few brief moments to experience the freedom of driving that only the open road can give you. A stellar debut.

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