Laica – love u lately


The dating game is always confusing, we don’t want to fully put ourselves out there due to fear of rejection, the mixed feeling we see from them we reciprocate as we don’t want to push the boat and sink before we’ve even begun to set sail. It’s a dangerous game where we want the butterflies in our stomach to take over and engulf our entire body so we feel the sweet euphoria of their embrace, but at the same time emotions are scary and the sting of rejection hurts like hell. This whole idea is what inspired Filipino pop/R&B artist Laica’s new single with her bright mixture of luminescent melodies and sweetly toned lyrics providing the perfect ambience for the story to follow.

If Easter didn’t satisfy your sweet tooth then love u lately certainly will with the honey drizzled vocals of Laica melting over the glistening production of effervescent synths matching the charming magnetism that her personality is offering blow for blow. Her earnest lyrics were made for Gen Z to belt out at sold out stadium venues with her relatable songwriting capturing all the highs and lows that come with hiding our feelings, move over Olivia Rodrigo. It’s glorious pop music with a subtle R&B flair at its finest.

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