TALIA – getoutofmyhead

A couple of days ago the Brooklyn based songstress TALIA dropped her debut ep titled headrush, a collection of songs that detail her on going relationship with love and pain. Her hyper relatable songwriting makes her narrative driven lyrics pack a mighty punch that fills you up with an unbridled sense of emotion that could be compared to the likes of Adele, Nina Simone or even Aretha Franklin. Each track is as insightful as the last as they individually take a deep dive into the different counties of TALIA’s own subconscious to help us understand her heartache, making that connection we feel with her all the more powerful.

Whilst the whole EP is a spectacular affair it was the track getoutofmyhead that left me speechless. Her hypnotic vocal is utterly divine as her poetically inclined lyricisms seamlessly portray a beautifully intimate story that the atmospheric production builds on as we slowly build to a climatic moment where the emotion comes cascading out like Niagara Falls. It’s utterly sublime and will have you undoubtably reaching for the tissues.

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