L E M F R E C K – Falling

The Welsh music scene has been thriving over the last few years with countless artists emerging from the shadows and shining a light on what Wales has to offer with their commanding presence. There’s not greater representative of this movement than the Newport native L E M F R E C K who put the Welsh rap game on the map with his authentic storytelling coming from a unique angle through his honestly raw detailed lyricisms dancing over a gritty soundscape that captured our imagination as well as our hearts. Ambitiously confident, his sound manages to be raw and gritty but also clean cut and polished. It’s sculpted like a piece of fine art that leaves us speechless and enamoured by what he’s capable of.

Falling is a sweet ode to falling head over heels in love, he avoids the negatives and instead openly embraces the joy this feeling can bring. You know the moment is coming where the butterflies begin to flutter in your stomach and your palms get sweaty whenever you talk to them but in a moment of maturity he lets these feelings take over and opens himself to love, be it with another person or just loving himself. His inner narrative is explored through his poetically included lyrics with his earnest delivery placing this one high up on any romantic playlist. L E M F R E C K a name we should all be getting acquainted with.

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