CMMND – summer21

Blurring the lines on what a traditional music group is, in similar fashion to how Brockhampton did when they first formed, the L.A based arts collective CMMND tackle everything within the creative process. Graphic design, visual media, fashion and music, this six piece have complete control over everything they do. They have a trademark style that gravitates people towards their fresh voice before the music slowly resonates with them and the love for the art they create comes shortly after. The collaborative project has one clear message, no matter what your background, gender or identity, everyone is creative.

Their EP 2 is a triumph in the laid back hip hop infused R&B soundscape the track summer21 was all the sonic proof I needed to become enamoured with this group. Capturing the essence of early 90’s R&B, their lusciously toned harmonies mesmerise as the funk inspired synth-wave rhythmic bassline propels the piece forward into new territories before we’re greeted by a feel-good rap bridge that everyone will try to memorise. It’s a nostalgic yet modern number that is perfect for blasting out in the car with friends, definitely something to soundtrack your summer.

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