Hannah Hausman – Whole Foods Parking Lot

Having written poetry since she was 7 years old it comes as no surprise that the L.A native Hannah Hausman possesses high amounts of lyrical wit and poignancy that has allowed her music to connect with so many people on a global scale. Not shying away from difficult subject matters, Hausman instead embraces her past emotional pain with the hope of granting others a cathartic experience to help them heal from these past scars and find solace within her elegantly crafted words. She’s been a pop heavy hitter from the get go with her inner dialogue being quite mesmerising and her latest release is no exception to this.

Behind the misleading song title, Whole Foods Parking Lot harbours a haunting story on Hausman’s own trauma she experienced when being confronted by a chance encounter with an ex who emotionally abused and manipulated her to a hellish extent. She divulges the gut wrenching feelings she felt in that moment, where the world around he froze but she soon realises how much she’s grown from their time together and how she doesn’t need him anymore,  “I’ve learned to speak out. I’m not scared of what you think. Now that you’re not around, I’ve learned how to love myself.” It’s a powerful message wrapped up in an enticing pop song that will leave you begging for more by the time the melodies finish playing.

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