golda may – Lost


The first time I heard celestial vocals of golda may glide over her sparse soundscape of intimate melodies there was only one word that jumped into my mind, diaphanous. Light, delicate and translucent, her music reads like a diary with her deeply personal storytelling inviting you to view the turmoil that goes on within her mind in such an eloquent matter that doesn’t spare any details. Everything is on show with the Ukrainian American songwriter as her ethereal tone is contrasted by the darker more serious tone her lyricisms often take, she balances perfectly as the twilight sky of songwriting.

Enchantingly hypnotic, her latest release Lost will leave you enamoured as the ethereal beauty her tone carries poignantly spins her melancholia inducing lyrics that capture the bittersweet situations love can bring. Her emotions are on full display like a masterpiece hanging in a gallery, every brush stroke is a lyric adding to the portrait until the end where we’re awe-inspired by the piece in front of us. Stream of consciousness songwriting rejects modern love and gives us her own interpretation of it in utterly beautiful circumstances.

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