MICO – make me leave

Through the majority of his musical career the 18 year old Toronto native MICO has been releasing clean cut indie pop with subtle lo-fi trap elements that gave his sound an unmistakable flavour that was easy to recognise the moment you heard it. However after 9 months of not releasing any music he decided it was time for a change, being inspired by the likes of brakence and Jeremy Zucker he created a fusion of hyper pop and contemporary songwriting. It’s best described as blending acoustic guitar open mic nights in your local hometown with an experimental DJ who’s playing nothing but bangers throughout the night.

Our introduction to this sound is make me leave. It opens with a smooth guitar riff that lulls you into a false sense of security, genuinely it almost feels like a lullaby in this part, before we’re greeted by an almighty clash of emphatic synths that thrive in the bass driven chorus that you can feel reverberating through your body. Although he’s ventured away from the sound his fans have become acquainted with over the years he still has that same special flair that makes his music distinctly his own. His growth is marvellous to watch and this is just the start.

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