SLUSH PUPPY – Juliette

The San Diego native SLUSH PUPPY disregards genre categorisation and instead wants to blaze a trail for artists to normalise variance within their music. When people expect him to go one direction he turns around and does the opposite which has lead to a truly genreless soundscape that compliments his ever expanding sonic identity to a tee. One thing remains the same though, they all have that distinct SLUSH PUPPY flair added to them, that special je ne sais quoi that makes everything he touches turn to gold. He’s got the Midas touch of music.

Marrying alternative pop with classic punk in Juliette he delivers a vibrantly raw number that sounds like its come straight out of an A24 coming of age movie directed by Greta Gerwig. His carefree charismatic tone bounces off of the vibrant production of punk inspired guitar riffs as he encourages us to channel our inner outcast and become the main character in this classic high school story as we attempt to woo the girl of our dreams, even if it doesn’t become reality when you actually talk. It’s high-spirited number with an explosively cacophony inducing edge that is utterly addictive, top quality stuff.

Speaking about the track SLUSH PUPPY said, “‘Juliette’ is the classic high school story of outcast boy wanting the coolest girl, but only being in love with a glamourised version of her. We romanticise people and build them up in our head so much that we catch feelings without really knowing them. We only see people’s highlights on social media and it is so easy to think that the person you see online is an accurate representation irl. This song is about putting someone on a pedestal and becoming obsessed with the ‘best version’ of them and basking in their perfection without really seeing any of their flaws.”

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