gcmayn – summer 18

Seattle, Washington based 20 year old bedroom pop artist gcmayn debuts his sound today in a glistening number that is here to soundtrack the summer of your dreams, well the one where we’re finally allowed to venture outside our home. The coruscating melodies of summer 18 dance through a sun soaked production of whimsical guitar riffs and pulsating beats propelling the track forward as he captures every wistful and fleeting moment the season can bring. The energetic flourishes brought on by the idyllic productions melts into the melancholia of the narrative driven lyrics to form this wonderful juxtaposition that forms a beautiful sadness that the charismatic vocals only build upon further.

I played this whilst on a run in the sun today and it made realise how this is the perfect summer drive song. When the wind blows through your hair as this track plays you just feel utterly enamoured by the world around you and in that moment you experience a special type of freedom that only music like this can provide. Add this to your summer playlist now because I sure as hell know I am.

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