Olive Amun – Blues

Olive Amun has an undeniable candour to his songwriting that makes his music so relatable that you’d think he’d crafted these sonic portraits on the chaotic turbulence of modern love specifically for you. He’s an open book with his honest emotions on full display for everyone to see, he doesn’t shy away from difficult moments within love, no instead he embraces them in a sonic bear hug of emotional catharsis that gets the waterworks pumping as well as a daily dose of serotonin. Saudade is the perfect way to describe his heart wrenching yet blissful brand of contemporary songwriting.

His first offering of 2021 is Blues a break up anthem decorated with sombre guitar melodies and a modern hip hop percussion the sonic landscape sets the scene for a serene yet emotive experience. It isn’t a storybook romance, it’s raw and real as he depicts the euphoric highs and anxiety filled lows that come with modern romance, all told effortlessly through his clever storytelling dictated by his vocal narrative. This will undoubtably soundtrack a plethora of young heartbreaks in the future, with the ephemeral way love is, but it will also harbour countless memories of people blasting it out on late night car drives belting it out word for word without a care in the world. It’s a double edged sword that has high replay value.

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