Miley! – You Make Me Sick

Earlier in the year the New York City native Miley! had me entranced with his soul-stirring vocals mixed with the emphatic production in his debut 21. The track introduced us to his glitch filled electronically ambient sound with a focus on earnest lyrical storytelling that derives from his own experiences that makes the chemistry you feel with him simply unmatched. It’s like sitting down with an old friend whom you haven’t seen in eons and catching up like no time has passed as you regale each other with tales of your new life, that’s what his music feels like and I love every moment of it.

You Make Me Sick is about his on and off relationship with his girlfriend with the first verse coming from a conversation where she talked about the other people she was seeing and the second verse coming months later from Miley’s perspective. In the end they fall back into their own destructive habits instead of seeing eye to eye with the off-kilter production of flourishing electronics matching the chaotic nature of this relationship as the warped charismatic vocals add to this frenzied display of tumultuous energy. An emerging act who’s creating some serious noise.

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