KOKO x Nina Chuba x Dillistone – 22s


KOKO, a rising Bristol based trio who’s ominously toned dark electronic music was made for thriving nightclubs where the pulsating beats launch you into a hysteria filled dance frenzy. Nina Chuba, a rising German star who’s music gives regular genre conventions the finger with her warped avant grade soundscape that allows her brooding vocals to soar like an eagle. Combine them both with the powerhouse producer Dillistone and you’ve got 22s, an enthralling track that is sure to be a future mainstay at any nightclub, honestly it’ll be one of the few tracks DJ’s are excited about being requested.

The piece is about a damned if you do and damned if you don’t scenario, a catch 22 or as Chuba explains, “22s is a track about being a walking disaster you just can’t leave alone. Your flaws are perfect in all their messed up glory and if that makes you a living catch-22, then find someone who doesn’t mind playing with fire.” The fierce number gives both artists their own chance to shine with the razor sharp lyrical wit we’ve come to expect from them both as their vocals bounce off one another like they’re trapped within an echo chamber as the looping beats provide the musky ambience of night club as the moon hits its peak. An unexpected a collaboration but one we damn well deserve!

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