Channelling a new romanticism that’s reminiscent of The Cure and the nostalgia of classic coming of age movie soundtracks like The Perks of Being A Wallflower, the Liverpudlian band POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE aren’t just making waves in the UK’s music scene, they’re making tsunamis. They’re the modern reincarnation of classic bands like The Smiths, combining deep lyrics about the anxiety battered era of social media with their anthemic sound that launches you into a frenzy of flustering emotion. They’re that generational band who become a vessel for their listeners to express what they’re feeling and become more invested within the mythos that is POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE.

MUCH! is their latest track that is something I’d expect to play at an underground 80’s dance party with it being raw and rebellious but also contains catchy hooks that the whole room would be belting out. They pick you up and take you on a ride fo self-awareness and anxiety that brings the butterflies in your stomach back to life and makes you all giddy inside. They’re without a doubt the best new band in the UK currently.

“I wrote it after I had started dating my girlfriend but was sort of unsure about if I made the right choice.” says Tyler of the band. “In any situation like that but especially when you’re young I think you get caught up in this never ending loop of self-doubt and uncertainty with any major life change. This song was just me trying to get that feeling out.” 

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