Kiyomi – Vintage


Vintage by name, vintage by nature, the bay area native Kiyomi’s latest track takes the nostalgia of the 90’s music scene and pulls it unashamedly into the modern world to breathe new life into the era. The 18 year old is a breath of fresh air with her music being the purest form of self expression as she artfully navigates the struggles she’s overcome and joyous moments she’s experienced through her playful lyrics and witty brand of storytelling. I’d personally liken her to a modern day more pop orientated Aaliyah with the confident vocal presence and iconic style aesthetic that rivals others within the genre.

Hypnotic melodic hooks wriggle their way deep into the crevasse of your skull as the vibrant provides a high-spirited edge that gives it high replay value. The highlight however is the Kiyomi’s flawless tone, which oozes undeniable confidence that Missy Elliott would be impressed by and captivates from start to finish as it builds up to a lush finale that gives us a small glimpse at what Kiyomi is capable of doing and the pulling power that she possesses.

Must Read