Middle Part – & Cry!


2020 was a gargantuan year for the Brooklyn based musician Middle Part. His music has always stood by his ethos of laying his feelings out on the table for all to view, it’s the bedrock of his music with his earnests lyrics reading as if they were journal entries where we get to witness firsthand the back and forth that goes on within his head. His breakout single & Cry! lived and breathed this with it effectively pulling us into to his synth-laden 90’s inspired soundscape and self reflective lyrics making the title be more of a command than a suggestion. Now we’ve got some gorgeous visuals to go along with it.

Sometimes we’re not in the right headspace to take on a relationship and this is a cinematic homage to the struggle he experiences with trying to maintain a happy love-life whilst also battling the dark thoughts and internal struggles he deals with on a daily basis. It shines a light on mental health with a striking visual of the artist with wet mascara dripping down his face powerfully contrasting the blood red curtains behind demonstrating how he feels like he has to put on a performance to make others believe he is alright. It’s a collision of love, depression and vulnerability that acclimates to a stellar experience for your eyes and ears.

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