Julia Gomez – Cry Over You


DIY music for communal experiences, that is Julia Gomez’s music. As her infectious melodies play on and her charming personality pierces through the bubbly soundscape of uplifting instrumentals you’ll find it near impossible to not smile like a cheshire cat in Wonderland. She’s the queen of relatable pop who’s music is as authentically vulnerable but radiates this positive energy that makes your big problems minimise into obscurity as her happy-go-lucky 80’s styled pop fills you up with good vibes and makes you dance like no one is watching.

Cry Over You is a break up anthem that Taylor Swift would be proud of penning. It’s the sound of a hopeless romantic opening her arms to the world after who’s breaking up with someone who wasn’t good enough for them and is celebrating being free from their control as she proudly proclaims, “I’m doing fine / If I’m honest / I haven’t wanted to cry over you.” The world isn’t perfect but this doesn’t care, she’d rather embrace the joy and love this globe has offer that focus on the bad, it’s this alone that makes her music give you a serotonin boost.

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