Hudi – videogame


If you haven’t had the pleasure of acquainting yourself with the 22 year old producer and musician Hudi then use this as your sign to do so. The artist has been an undeniable powerhouse with him releasing an abundance of tracks, such as WOODCHUCK! and Knock Back, that took us away from the drab of the modern working world and into somewhere where we could live out our wildest fantasies. Haunting tracks were his speciality where he created songs that would soundtrack your heathen halloween fantasies, but today he’s going down a different avenue as he ventures into a new era of his sonic identity that has me labelling him as the next big pop star, who’d of thunk it?

If I was driving along and heard videogame playing on the radio I’d of presumed it was the latest chart topper from an already critically acclaimed artist. His smooth charisma filled vocals have this youthful naivety to them that gives this new route he’s going down an undeniable charm that compliments the buoyant melodies and distorted melodic moments as his lyrics detail the pitfalls of love. His enthralling sonic portraits have always been fascinating and he’s continuing to peak my interest as he shows of his varied soundscape that whisks us off to somewhere fresh, exciting and innovative.

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