FEMM – Sugar Rush


If you’re ever in need of good pop music then you just have to look at Japan’s music scene currently, a myriad of artists from the nation are continuously finding ways to create innovative pop that is catchy, hypnotic and simply addictive whilst still elevating the sound to new heights that the Western world is slowly beginning to take note of. The mannequins with emotion duo FEMM are one of these artists who looked at the resurgence of the vaporwave genre and tackled it through a J-Pop lens to deliver an 8-bit fantasy filled with bright colourful melodies that contrast the film noir tone they’ve taken in the music video.

Sugar Rush is, ironically, a bittersweet number as it focusses on the sweet euphoria love can bring you but also how that lead down a dangerous path where you lose all grip on reason and rationality. It’s a fresh take on pop music that leans closer to a mainstream take on hyper-pop where the boundaries between human and machine, virtual and reality are blurred to allow them to create a new sonic world that has yet to be discovered. Pop music at its finest.

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