conner – rock bottom

The latest musical movement of giving 90’s punk a facelift by bringing it head first into the modern era with bombastic hip hop influenced beats and rap styled vocals whilst still keeping the rebellious teenage angst that made the landmark genre so iconic in the first place. Amongst the plethora of artists who’re trying this currently, conner stands out from the crowd because he embodies everything the original movement was about, he pays homage to it but doesn’t hesitate to push the boundaries of what this genre is capable of to get a whole new generation invested in the sound. It’s old meets new that has big replay value.

The Maryland native opens rock bottom with an attention grabbing guitar riff that propels us forward in a frenzied fashion as raw unadulterated passion comes pouring out from his charisma filled vocal that sings the memorable hook that’ll be in your head for weeks to come. He has a magnetising quality to his music that pulls you into his orbit where we get experience this loud, grand and rebellious catalogue of modern punk music.

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