Kezia – Sunshine


Although her face is fairly new to the pop landscape the 21 year old Tanzanian-American Kezia has already begun to forge her own path that venture off into previously unexplored territories as she amalgamates her plethora of influences together in a caster pot of freshly innovative music. She takes the modern musical landscape and applies a Gen Z lens to it, installing her own sensibilities to the pop genre as she candidly dissects themes like navigating being biracial, living with mental instability and depression, exploring spirituality and learning to love through love.

Sunshine is magical, it’s R&B coloured pop music that further establishes Kezia as versatile songstress. Her rich timbre is silky smooth as it soars over the understated production that is filled with mesmerising lo-fi character that enhances her playful energy that the buoyant sensibility of the production brings as she confidently radiates an unmistakable charm. She immerses us in her world with her divinely relatable lyrical wit and textured sonic layering making us want to become a permanent residents of this majestic land.

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