ALÍSI – silhouettes

London-born Brazilian-Portuguese musician ALÍSI produces music that is rich with culture both from a sonic and lyrical perspective as she demonstrates within her debut silhouettes. She’s got a vocal that instantly pulls you into her world, the ethereal timbre allows the reflective melancholy lyrics exploring the complications of long distance relationships and communication breakdowns to make an emotional impact straight from the get go. The skeletal production forges an ambient atmosphere that gives the lyrics space to breathe, making the tale become more of a confessional where she unburdens her emotional load off to you in the hopes that this weight won’t end up crushing her.

She’s a promising storyteller and it’s exactly that which makes her music standout. You go on a journey with her, you sit there like a fly on the fall watching the scene unfurl as her frustrations, fears and affection all come out of the fray in something which is reminiscent of a classic film story. A debut that has me excited with what ALÍSI is able to do next.

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