marinelli – OH GOD

LA based singer-songwriter and producer marinelli has already rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in music with him originally being the drummer of Billie Eilish and working as highly acclaimed producer helping rising acts like spill tab, Wallice, MyKey, and JAWNY perfect their work. It was only last year though that he ventured out of his comfort zone and began his solo venture, releasing a string of fascinating singles like Turtleneck Sweater and Candy Cigarette that allowed him to build a solid foundation for his bedroom pop sound to create a sonic portrait on his perspective of the world.

Within OH GOD his lo-fi musings and confessional lyrics mixed with the crackling production makes this a different type of tearjerker than what we’re used to. He plays on the emptiness the pain of love has left him with through his thought provoking lyrics who’s vulnerable candour makes his own insecurities and fears translate onto you. His crispy low vocal tone is raw with emotion as he slowly takes you by the hand and invites you to have your heartbroken with him.

“This song is about feeling intense emotions that you know you should let simmer before expressing – the song came to be when I was sitting in the parking lot of the LA court where I was doing jury duty. I was feeling pretty upset about something in my life and I hated that feeling of “sitting in my car” and feeling sorry for myself without driving or getting out.”

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