Finn Harry is very much the Gen Z child that David Grohl and James Blake should’ve had with his unwavering sound channelling elements of each that melt together in a caster pot of dramatic guitar riffs, thumping drums and emphatic lyrical wit. His debut, MURDER, announced his arrival in a youthful grunge sound filled with explosive moments that provided a cathartic release in the middle of turbulent times globally. The emotion was palpable and the angst energy his vocals delivered made it feel like a revolutionary moment for the rising artist.

His follow up SPLIT THE POWER builds on this debut further with it being his own middle finger to those who tried to water down his sound to make it more ‘appealing’ to the masses, obviously not understanding the appeal of Finn Harry’s sound in the first place. His music connects with people because it comes from a raw place, it’s both classic and new with guitar riffs sounding like they’ve come from your dad’s favourite band but a new age twist has been put into the soundscape that allows a younger generation to be invited in. He’s uncompromisingly himself and that’s why his unorthodox style has garnered himself such a strong following in a short time frame.

“I began this song with the idea of blending hard-rock influences with groovy drums and psychedelic synths to create a dense, futuristic punk rock song that builds to an exploding point,” Finn Harry begins to explain. “It’s about approaching a music career as an independent artist, dealing with outside forces who want you to water down and compartmentalise your sound. I played everything live (drums, guitar, bass, analog synth), which allowed me to create a wild, otherworldly sound-scape that still feels organic and raw.”

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