Neptune’s Core – So Small

Although they’re young the Chicago based band Neptune’s Core have already proven themselves to have unrivalled amounts of potential. The band, comprised of two sets of sisters, have been performing in their local area for years at a myriad of venues filled with packed crowds that’s slowly seen them build a loyal fanbase and just last year they released their debut album. Can’t Have It All was a project that put their songwriting abilities on full display and had me remembering the early days of both Soccer Mommy and Snail Mail. Their brand of nostalgic melancholy on the modern day adolescent experience is something to be marvelled at but there was one track on this project that I was enamoured by.

So Small, a raw portrait on their experience growing up that takes you on a journey with them where you think you know the ending but are left floored by the outcome. An early 90’s grunge haze is present through the jangled guitar riffs with emphatic drums backing it up as the earnest vocal harmonies passionately deliver these captivating lyrics that speak to a new generation through their storytelling capabilities. They preach a sophisticated message that is far beyond their years and perform it in a unique style the left me quite amazed by what I just beheld. They’re a revolutionary talent that deserves to be heard.

Speaking about the track the band said, “Other people always seem so ‘in control,’ so happy, so perfect. It’s hard to believe they’re not. But no one is perfect. We all have felt like we’re not good enough. Our band wrote So Small to show people they are not alone. When you feel as if you’re not enough, tell yourself you are. As the song says, “When I’m feeling very small, I stand up straight so I’ll look tall. You can’t have it all.” People strive for perfection when all they really need to do is appreciate themselves. So Small was not easy to put together as a band, but it ended up becoming one of the most impactful songs we have ever written. Only one member plays at the beginning of the song, but when the first chorus comes, the whole band kicks in. The volume rises, the time signature changes, and the powerful harmonies come in. So Small has a lot of dynamics because the music composition should deliver the same message as the lyrics: Everyone feels so small, but the important thing to do is tell yourself you’re not. We are excited to share this song with you and hope you value its message.

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