Kasai – Drunk Diary, Weed & Liquor


Born and raised in West London to Anglo-Indian parents, Kasai was raised on gospel that blasted out throughout her youth and sonic pioneers like the legendary songstresses Bjork and Erykah Badu. All of this helped influence the music she makes today with her crafting her own sonic identity with soulful flourishes expressed through her candid storytelling, a luscious R&B production that with a hazy edge that’s reminiscent of an early Tinashe and, to top it all off, a passionate vocal that is filled with evocative passion. She’s one of the most exciting voices to emerge from the UK scene for sometime and her latest single cements that.

Drunk Diary, Weed & Liquor focuses in on the endless cycle of boys’ bullshit and, quite frankly, inexcusable behaviour that comes about when they start drinking. She doesn’t shy away from confronting this subject matter with her empowering vocal making the honest vigour of her lyricisms pack an almighty punch that feels like you’re receiving blow after blow from a heavyweight champion. Fearless, that is what her music is. Be it the fearlessness of confronting your oppressors, being emotionally vulnerable with the people around you or closing a chapter on someone in your life. A future UK star.

“Drunk Diary came together in a moment where writing felt therapeutic to me. This song was a safe place for me to speak on something I’ve been through and opens up the rest of the story of the EP,” Kasai says “I also felt it was the first song where I began to find more of my voice and its influenced everything I’ve made since. I’ve got special memories of making it with amazing people.”

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