Hunter Moreau – Hazy

Born and raised in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts with a population of just over 6000 people, Hunter Moreau always knew she had dreams bigger than her small town, although she will always praise how this town fuelled her passion for music. At age 12 she joined the local Showstoppers singing troupe where she would perform at charities, festival and nursing homes, this is where she witnessed the true healing power music can bring to people which only strengthened her calling further. She debuted in November of 2019 with Drive In, a completely DIY project, that saw multiple industry veterans take note and now, almost two years later, she’s graced us with her follow up.

In a nutshell, Hazy is about the euphoria inducing joy that comes with the summer months. Those nights where you’re out til 2AM in the morning not caring about what time you get back home, creating memories that live longer than ourselves, things we tell our children and moments that bring us nothing but pure jubilance. It’s a feeling no other season can give us and it’s felt instantly through the smoky atmosphere that’s slightly reminiscent of Lana Del Rey as the sweet timbre of her vocal encourages you to not waste single day of this time, “Ya our days are numbered / So don’t waste a single one.” A killer indie pop track from a rising star for sure.

“As simple as it may sound, ‘Hazy’ is about the pure bliss of summer nights,” she begins to explain. “Doug and I were reminiscing about stories with friends, both new and old, and the magic that seems to happen on warm nights where nothing seems to really matter. We wrote this song to capture the nostalgia of looking back on those carefree times, and the longing of that same feeling again. The feeling that no other moment matters besides right now. The excitement of not caring how exactly you’re going to get home, or where you even are, but just knowing that you want whatever feeling this is to last forever.”

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