CatchTwentyTwo – Limelight

If you’ve followed us for a hot minute then you’ll know how CatchTwentyTwo has been a mainstay on our platform since the early days. His 80’s synthwave influenced R&B sound has an unmistakable flair that was, in a weird way, ahead of its time with only a year passing before The Weeknd created a critically acclaimed album surrounding that sonic concept. He recently signed with Ultra and today we get to see the first stepping stone of his new journey through his darkly toned and just as silky smooth new single.

Produced by Grammy nominated producer Stix, who is also apart of Chance The Rapper’s band, Limelight feels like something from the early 90’s with heavy basslines, a looping snare drum and a subtle funk undertone that adds a bit spice to the soundscape. However the highlight of the whole piece is his vocal, always has been and always shall be, as his gorgeous tone soars over the deep production to provide a rich contrast between the pair before they melt into one gloriously golden and united sound.

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