Floyd Zion – Yeah Right

Artists like Floyd Zion are propelling the industry in the right direction. Pushing away from usual genre conventions and refusing to be put into a box to define what he does sonically. This LA based artist has already become known in the entertainment industry for his unique aesthetic that has already seen him collaborate with many fashion brands, but when you combine that with his rapidly growing fanbase who’ve become enamoured by his A$AP Rocky meets Nirvana trap rock sound and you’ve got a modern day rock star. I mean he’s already proven his captivating stage presence with performances at some of LA’s legendary venues.

Yeah Right is a head bopper for sure with some enticing beats that lull you into his soundscape to let the rhythmic melodies take over your body and have you gently grooving along to this intoxicating sound. It’s a true vibe filled number that is perfect for any house party, heck I’d probably have it blasting out on repeat and allow the good vibes to flow as his electronically enhanced vocals echo throughout the house. Hard not to get into this number.

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