Cowboy Mugshot – Magazine

Cowboy Mugshot, otherwise known as Cory Clark, is usually known for his major drumming talent where he’s been apart of bands like Brightside, toured with Flora Cash, performed to 9000+ venues and opened for the likes of AJR, Kesha and Avril Lavigne. Whilst he made his name being a drummer he’s now venturing out from the background and into the spotlight, he sprints head first into new exciting territories as he begins his journey of becoming a solo artist under the guise of Cowboy Mugshot who’s perfect for fans of Post Malone and Machine Gun Kelly.

His multifaceted soundscape has tackled hardcore house, alternative rap, rock and now with Magazine he takes a fusion of modern hip hop and the revitalised pop punk movement, whatever the genre he knows how to make it his own. Raw raspy vocals filled to the brim with pain portray the lyrical narrative perfectly to make the emotion hit like a modern My Chemical Romance song as the production of ominous beats and brash guitar riffs plays on to amplify it all further. It’s raw, it’s real and it’s a single that shows just what type of solo artist Cowboy Mugshot is.

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