Aziya – Slip!


21 year old London musician Aziya certainly knows how to make an entrance, with her debut single introducing us to her head-turning, rapturous inducing, bewitching and downright captivating sonic identity. She channels the rock gods of old like Prince and Patti Smith who’s strong minded creative genius shaped a generation and thrusts them into the modern era as this BRIT school alumna shreds an electric guitar that introduces us to her, quite frankly, timeless sound. She’s becoming the artist that she always wanted to see growing up and with undoubtably inspire a whole new generation to jump into her genre.

She doesn’t pull any punches with Slip! being devastating hit after devastating hit that will leave you reeling but consistently coming back for more. It’s a gargantuan track that is everything you could ever want from a debut, colossal guitars, cacophonic explosions of euphony inducing quality, titanic vocals that a veteran would be jealous of and even a compelling story to go a long with it. Lyrically she captures that feeling of falling for someone for a brief moment, you seem them across the room, fall for them, imagine a life together before coming to your senses and realising they’re not worth your time. As they say, when wearing rose tinted glasses all the red flags, just look like flags.

“Slip! is the idea of becoming infatuated with someone in a single moment, or in my case a party, but once the moment’s gone you question why you were so infatuated,” Aziya begins to explain. “Was it them or the version you made up about them in your head from that one encounter? I remember going to the studio the day after this party and just wanting to get all my thoughts and creations about this person off my mind. I wrote ‘Slip!’ as a warning to my hormones to chill out because if I keep this person on my mind any longer, I’m definitely gonna slip / fall for someone that’s not worth the time.”

If you’re looking for a future rock god then you’ve got one right here with Aziya being an artist who you’ll desperately want to see in concert because damn do I bet she puts on a show. Dive into her debut right now because it’s something special.

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