maddi jean – night alone

During the day we’re trapped in the ebb and flow of modern living where we begrudging travel to our day jobs, work for hours on end to receive a low amount of pay and act like we enjoy the company of those we’d rather not be anywhere near. At night however, we’re free! Not held in by the limits of what surrounds us, when the sun goes down the world becomes limitless as we dance through the streets, go out with friends and enjoy the freedom we crave through long parts of the day. It’s this undeniable feeling of letting the wind rush through your hair and caution being thrown out the door that inspired maddi jean with her latest single.

The already renowned model has already released a couple of singles in the build up to her EP Last Born that’ve all been quite personal to her, which allowed her sound to truly take flight, but there’s something about night alone that is unquestionably enthralling. Carrying the storytelling ability of Taylor Swift with the modern pop sound of King Princess the track harbours an underlying emotion whilst simultaneously capturing that feeling of reckless abandonment that comes with being truly free. A spellbinding affair that is pop music that’s as good as it can be.

Speaking about the track Maddi Jean says, “night alone is an ode to that special feeling of complete independence and freedom that the night time gives me, away from responsibility and away from the crowds. I often find I am most inspired and creative at night because it gives me a safe space to be and express my complete self, which night alone captures.”

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