Valentines day might’ve come and gone but KIDSNOT$AINTS. can still make us swoon like hormonal teenagers with their lusciously smooth vocals, lovelorn lyrics and divine soundscape that consistently come together in a euphonic collision that I can never get enough of. Their music is what the diaries of boys would sound like, it’s openly honest that conveys nothing but heartfelt emotion and things that toxic masculinity has made them nervous to share but this trio do it to make everyone who listens to them not feel alone in the world.

Fallin4u is the type of song you can envision being played in a romantic coming of age movie as the young couple slowly dance together before the moment their lips lock and the chorus soars into a glorious climax that makes the wait for this moment all the better. The coruscating synths mixed with the loved up melodies make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside as the butterflies flutter around your stomach and the feeling of being in love again sends you into a blissful coma of utter joy. It’s a short but sweet track that’s perfect for those long romantic walks on the beach.

Must Read