Eden Rain – Wake Up, You’re Stuck


Hailing from Leeds, Eden Rain has always had what she dubs ‘gutter vision’. A way of looking that when you go up to the mountains whilst everyone else is in awe over the view she was enamoured by the cigarette butts on the ground, finding the people who went all the way up to smoke more fascinating than the view. She looks at the world gutter up through her music to give everyone a new perspective on life with her spellbinding debut taking the emotionally evocative soundscapes of Bon Iver before melting it together with the relatable nature of modern pop stars like girl in red and applying her own fresh perspective to them.

Wake Up, You’re Stuck is simply heavenly, there’s no other way to describe it. A tender production lead by a delicate piano over a crackling analogue-styled production makes the sensitive, vulnerable and emotionally enthralling vocals to make an instant connection that the poetic lyrics only enhance further, “Couldn’t lie through my teeth, so I took them all out / Got so much more room for my foot in my mouth.” Her deeply personal sonic world is both warmly familiar yet venturing off into new territories that leave you breathless. Eden Rain, get to know that name now because she’s something special.

“For me, this song is the feeling of being eaten alive from the inside out,” says Eden. “I wrote it after waking up from a nightmare when I had fallen asleep with Planet Earth on in the background. To me the song feels like a fight or flight situation: do I stay being eaten alive or attempt to save myself from all the things I’m running from?”

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